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Elizabeth H. Upper St. Clair, PA
I am a practicing physician and I think that allowing Americans to buy Medicare insurance is a terrific idea. If this law passes, I will be buying this coverage for me and my family. I much prefer to leave my healthcare in the hands of Medicare than private, for-profit insurance companies, which...
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The best part of the Affordable Care Act law is the expansion of Medicaid. Medicare, like Medicaid, is a public option, a government program that pays for health care directly. It is efficient and it is saving lives.
Petition: "Let's fix the rest of the ACA law by using a government program that is proven to work. We should open up Medicare to anyone who wants it, and can pay for it. I support Congressman Alan Grayson’s four-page bill, the Medicare You Can Buy Into Act (H.R. 500). Private health insurers aren't the answer. A public option is."